Exploring The Benefits Of Booking A Skincare Consultation With Ominya Clinic

When it comes to looking after your skin, it’s helpful to have the right products that are designed to meet your needs and treat specific conditions.

This is where skincare consultations come in handy, as they are able to map out the most suitable treatment options and you’ll have a better indication of the skincare products that will work for you.

At Omniya Clinic, we’re able to provide in-depth skincare consultations and in this article, we’ll explore what they entail and the kind of products we recommend as part of the process.

Why You Should Choose To Have A Skincare Consultation  

Skincare consultations have the benefit of being bespoke and when you book with us, you’ll be given a personalised skincare regime along with products from ZO Skin Health.

We’re able to provide advice on a wide range of skin conditions, which include fine lines, acne, dull skin, melasma and more. This versatility means you’ll be able to have a specific condition addressed and receive personalised guidance.

The Process

After booking a consultation with us, you’ll be matched with a skincare expert who’ll send you an email with either in-person appointment details or a link to a video call. The initial consultation could last between 20 – 45 minutes and we’ll get a better idea of your medical history to see which products would be most suitable for you.

Following the consultation, we’ll email you an in-depth plan with treatment guidance and product recommendations. We may also advise you on booking another consultation so we can track the progress of your skin health regime. 

What Skincare Products Do We Recommend? 

As part of the consultation, we’ll provide skincare product recommendations from ZO Skin Health. A leading provider of medical-grade skincare goods, ZO Skin Health brings together cosmetic innovations and science.

All ZO Skin Health products are suitable for treating a variety of skin conditions and can be used regardless of age, skin type or ethnicity.

The products we’ll recommend include firming serums, cleansing peels, exfoliating creams, retinol providers, skin hydration items and so much more.

To see the full ZO Skin Health range, click here.                                                     

Booking A Consultation With Us 

Be sure to book your free skin consultation with us by going to our online booking form.

After the consultation has been booked, you’ll be sent a digital form to fill out so our team can understand your medical history and current lifestyle regime. 

Booking the skincare consultation is also important for purchasing items from our ZO Skin Health range. Once the consultation has been confirmed, we’ll be able to provide you with a product prescription.

For more information about our consultations, email hello@omniya.co.uk and we’ll set up an appointment for you.